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Haider Ackermann's sophisticated, grown-up elegant second collection for Berluti  Haider Ackermann showed rich and evocative colours in his second collection for Berluti SS18 Credit:Getty Drama at a fashion show comes in myriad form, not least when the seating collapses or someone's hair catches on fire (both have happened, by the way). Although the soundtrack was booming and the models heavyweight - Claude Chabernaud, Liya Kebede and Stella Tennant - Haider Ackermann in his second showing at Berluti didn't need theatrics or showmanship to make an impact; the evening sun casting a shadow across the honeyed stone of the courtyard of the historic, grandly imposing Monie de Paris did that for him, with that quiet drama parlayed neatly into the collection. Ackermann added womenswear to this ผ้าปูที่นอน 3.5 ฟุต ลายการ์ตูน menswear mix - Berluti is the men's fashion star in LVMH's constellation of brands - with the designer pointing to the sexiness and intimacy of borrowing from your other half's wardrobe. That sensuality was a key thread in a collection of softly draped, fluidly cut clothes, as seductive as a coyly draped bedsheet in the morning. Jackets were soft fitting and trousers, even those in lustrous silk, were crumpled for a 'come undone' quality. There were tropes that were from the Ackermann school of elegant attire - the baggy suiting, the cropped trousers - but the designer also showcased just what he can do with the full clout of the Berluti ateliers behind him; draped leather coats and sleek lizard bombers made using the bottier's skilled artisans. Colours were as rich and evocative as the bacchanalian feast that greeted guests afterwards; gently gleaming pale gold, rose quartz tracktops (a first for Berluti), corn yellow, eau de nil. The brand may have begun as a bootmaker to the rich and powerful of Paris, but Ackermann is steadily stepping into the future with his take on what sophisticated, grown-up, quiet luxury means for the elite of today.

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ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน ราคาถูก align='left' /> Ottawa County Faces Lawsuit For Wrongful Death - KOAM TV 7 Ottawa County Faces Lawsuit For Wrongful Death Terral Ellis II was doing time at the Ottawa County Jail after failing to turn himself in for a DUI charge. Court documents say that's where he died after begging for medical attention for various health problems that started shortly after his incarceration, like seizures, uncontrollable sweating, and pain to his back, ribs and internal organs. Towards the end of his life he was even unable to walk. The jail nurse accused him of faking his illness. His parents are now filing a lawsuit against Ottawa County Jail. "They were deliberately indifferent to his serious medical needs and that was the approximate cause of his death" says his lawyer Robert Blakemore I spoke with the current jail staff on their medical treatment policy. "If somebody complains of having a medical issue our policy is that the jail staff calls the nurse if she isn't already here. The nurse will take the information given by the inmate and make a medical decision whether or not she thinks they need to be treated at the emergency room or if it's something that she can treat here" says Jesse Krewson, the Ottawa County Jail Administrator. When his body was found in the cell, there was a bed sheet tied loosely around his neck, looking like a possible suicide.

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